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About the Booth

Pensacola Photobooth’s vision is to provide excellence in entertainment. We provide loads of fun for you and your guests, with a keepsake to take home. After the event, everyone will have the ability to visit our website and Facebook fan pages to view their same photos, tag themselves, and download all for free.


Our Photo Booth

We have spared NO expense in building the area’s finest photo booth. Our booth is self-contained, with a new, professional 18 megapixel DSLR Canon camera; remote controlled, motorized pan and tilt camera mount; touch screen computer; professional Alien Bees studio flash; and a professional Hiti lab-quality, dye-sublimation, 4- layer color printer. What does all this mean? You receive studio quality photos and prints that will last a lifetime.

Groups will form around the photo booth and excitement builds as crowds watch the action take place right before their eyes (instead of wondering what is going on behind the curtains).

  • Your smiling face is displayed on the screen like seeing yourself in the mirror, so you can line up that perfect shot
  • Our printer gives you a photograph to keep for a lifetime in about 45 seconds

Be careful of low quality “booths”

What do we NOT use?

A cheap web camera to take your photos. An inferior flash. A claustrophobic, confined booth. A fixed camera mount. An inkjet or laser printer.

What Makes our Dye-Sub Printer So Good?

There are two factors that contribute to the quality of dye sub printers. The first is continuous tone, and the other is un-dithered color.

Continuous Tone vs Dithered Inkjet PrintersThe color produced by a dye-sub is the result of the mixing of pigments to get the actual color. This is in contrast to most other printing methods which use a tight group of colored dots which, when seen by the human eye from a distance, appear to be a color (a process known as “dithering”). Under magnification, the dots are clearly different colors, and when seen close up with the naked eye the picture appears grainy. Because only one color needs to be printed (instead of four), a dye sub can place more dots on a paper.

Since longevity is something we all want from our photographs, it’s also comforting to know that because dyes sublimate into the paper instead of just being painted onto its surface, dye sub prints resist fading and are colorfast.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Dye Sub Printers?

For one thing, dye sub printers are typically far more expensive then comparable inkjet printers. You can buy a photo quality printer for half of what a comparable dye sub printer costs.
Dye sublimation printers only do one thing well: photo quality full color images. A dye sub printer takes 40 seconds to produce a print. On the other hand, to produce a photographic quality print, an inkjet printer can take up to 10 minutes.


Why Rent from Pensacola Photobooth?

Pensacola photobooths are, by far the newest, nicest, cleanest on the Gulf Coast.
Our elegant booths will capture the hearts and images of as many people you want in a shot.

We saw a photographer with what he called a photo booth recently and it was a clutter mess, so how would your booth differ?

Our booth costs $10,000.00 and includes the best of everything. Our booth is neat, clean and can be set up on the deck of a large boat!


Are we limited as to how many pictures and photos we can take?

Unlimited Lab Quality Prints during Your Event

Guests visit the booth as often as they wish


The photo booth business is new so you must have not been in business very long right?

Wrong, Pensacola Photobooth is owned by Matthew Baransy a local, Pensacola business owner for 22 years. He owns A DJ Connection professional DJ services.

Pensacola photobooth will be around a LONG time.


We do not offer

  • arcade style machines found in the mall with room for just two people
  • a boring table top camera
  • a stick back drop
  • low quality inkjet water based printers

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