May 29, 2014 @ Pine Meadow

May 30, 2014
My event was a 5th grade Graduation Party @ Pine Meadow Elm.
That took place on May 29, 2014
Our photo booth operator was: David Sapp
Did we earn our wings, I mean 5 stars?  We work very hard to earn 5 stars across the board and if we didn’t achieve our goal, we want to know about it. YES ***** 5 stars for us all the way.  Very good with the kids!
Did you tip your operator? If so, why? No, I honestly did not think about it.  I was so busy with 150 kids running crazy and trying to clean up.
Please rate each category with a 1-5 with 5 being the highest.
Quality of Service 5
Responsiveness 5
Please provide some comments and feedback that others would find helpful.
This was our first time using the photo booth for the 5th grade graduation party.  The students love it.  They got to take silly, fun and lasting pictures with their friends.  The photo booth offered a huge verity of props which let the kids put their own spin on the pictures. The guys working the booth was very good with the kids and made sure that things kept moving so that the kids could go multiple times.  We will be doing this again next year for sure!
Would you recommend Pensacola Photo Booth to a friend? Already have, and plan on using for multiple events next year at the school

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