Should you have a photo booth at your Wedding?

March 9, 2016


Should you have a photo booth at your Wedding?

They Serve as Great Entertainment! One of the best reasons to have a photo booth is to entertain your guests.  At the majority of weddings, normally the wedding photos are taken right after the ceremony during the cocktail hour, and sometimes guests can get a little antsy waiting for the cocktail hour to end and the reception to start. Photo booths are perfect for this part of your wedding day! Guests can be goofy and stay entertained while they wait for the bride and groom to return and for the reception to start. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun and time will fly by for your guests if you choose to have a photo booth!

They Make Great Memories!  Our photo booth prints in just 15 seconds. We host all of your photos online right here FREE to download, print, or share on social media. Consider our photo guestbook that includes copies of every photo making for a great keepsake for the bride and groom! After the big day, they can look back and see all the photo booth photos and remember how much fun their guests had at their wedding!

They are FUN! – Obviously, wedding photo booths are fun! The best thing about them is that they are great for all ages! The best thing about them is that they are great for all ages! I’ve seen everyone from kids to grandparents enjoy a photo booth! You can really up the fun factor by adding props. A photo booth provides endless entertainment from the beginning of the night, all the way until the end!