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  1. Pensacola PhotoBooth is guaranteed “CERTIFIED” in 2017

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    Photo BoothPensacola Photo Booth is Florida’s and Alabama’s Gulf Coast most requested and recognized Photo Booth because simply put they are the best.  They have been doing it since 2011.  They have more experience.  They have more booths.  They have better equipment.  They have better prints.  They have better graphics.  Oh, and by the way, they are the only “Certified” Photo Booth on the Gulf Coast.  So when you are looking for the best value, the most fun and a certified photobooth company, call 850.968.1968

  2. Valentine’s Day Photo Booth Fun

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    Valentine’s Day Photo Booth Fun

    Next time you get into a photo booth with that special someone, watch what blossoms over the following flashes. At first, you’re stil orienting to the situation. You have arrived. Next up, another flash. This time it may come with a silly face as you realize that hey, this is kind of fun. You are beginning to relax and it shows. There may even be fireworks as you grab your sweetie for a big kiss. Watch out world! Next, a simple smile, hug and one last flash. And there you have it, the simple process of getting comfortable with a person or situation, starting a relationship and watching it print out as part of your lifetime of memories.

    We are so excited to help you spark something new this Valentine’s Day! Book your photo booth fun by calling us today at 850.968.1916 or email sales@PensacolaPhotoBooth.com.

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