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Pensacola Photo Booth 2020 Update!

Pensacola Photo Logo 8509681968 ppb 2020 Pensacola Photo Booth

While our company was down for a while due to the ongoing COVID-19 global situation, we are open and booking for 2021 and onward! As the state of Florida has gradually started to reopen, so have we. And, in accordance with the City of Pensacola guidelines, we are masking up both in our office and at events. As a community we all need to do what we can to help slow the spread of COVID-19. But with an eye to the future, we are continuing to improve the quality of our services!

Pensacola Photo Booth PPB 2020

One of the services that we are most proud of are our custom graphics that we make in house and tailor to individual events! We have recently added a plethora of new graphic options for every event type. From weddings, to company events, birthdays, and holiday parties, every genre has new graphics to choose from! We also offer online uploads to social media and our website after the event. You can see the fun photos and custom graphics by clicking the "Client Albums" section on our homepage!

Pensacola Photo Booth 2020 Customs Graphics

We have also recently acquired two new photo booths! They are physically sleeker and come with the newest updates for our software. We are also working to update our original booths to match our upgrades!

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