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Cost increases are needed, for us to stay in business

"Hey your prices went up!" or "I paid $___ in 2019 when we last booked with you"

Folks, please don't tell us what you paid for products or services before Covid, as things have changed. We are not price gouging. Our costs have gone up. A Utility trailer that we use was $2500.00 pre Covid is now $6000.00. The costs of a gallon of gasoline was $2.00 is now $4.00+

Yes, our prices have had a price increase in Pensacola FL and our surrounding areas.

But Why?

Do you know how many DJ and Photo Booth companies didn't survive the covid shut down? Do you know that there is a professional photo booth operator and DJ shortage and we are paying our profssional djs and photobooth operators almost DOUBLE than we were 2 years ago? Did ya know that there is a worldwide photo paper shortage currently in 2022? Did you know we are having to turn down photobooth bookings due to no photobooth paper available? Did you know we are having to pay triple, yes 300% more for glossy 4 x 6 paper ?

Do the math. Work hard, work smart and now go do the right thing.


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