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Pensacola Photo Booth is advertising, social media, promotions and branding!

Pensacola Photo Booth is advertising, social media, promotions and branding!

So you have a business, or any event you want to promote? Where can you spend money advertising your business? Lots of places right? How you ever purchased any promotional items to give away with your name on it? Like pens, or cups, or mouse pads, or t shirts? You know the deal. Give something away where the customer will be appreciative, hope they won't throw it away, and of course keep the item so your business name will stay in front of the customer and others. How much did you pay for those pens and t shirts? They cost from 60 cents to 10 dollars each.

What if we told you we have a new and improved promotional tool that will draw a crowd, line them up, entertain them, give them a personalized gift with their photos on it and your logo and company information and guarantee they won't throw it away? Yes, you guessed it, Pensacola Photo Booth does all that and more. We print the high quality 4 x 6 photo and give it to the customer right on the spot seconds from their personalized super cool photo session. They of course put it on the fridge or in a frame for an shelf life of years? Then we upload the photos to and Face Book for the customers to go get their electronic copy of their photos for them to share with family and friends. Sound better than a pen?

We have 4 photo booths ready for you 7 days a week for your restaurant, grand opening, special event, sale, fund raiser, carnival, dance, run, walk, festival, concert, sporting event, church event, and any thank you opportunity for your customers. Some of our promotional partners include, Chick-Fil-A 9 Mile Road, Texas Roadhouse, Pensacola Ice Flyers, Pensacola Blue Wahoos.

Pensacola Photo Booth is proud to be the first Photo Booth in Pensacola and of course even more proud to call Pensacola home.

Call 850.968.1968

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