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Photobooth Advertising, Trade, & Sponsorships

When you book a photo booth at your next company or organization’s event, you’re guaranteeing two things:

  • FUN for your guests – great memories that are going to last long after the event is over!

  • VISIBILITY for your company or cause when your guests share their photos

Do you want to hear about the latest in photo advertising?

We are a mobile photo booth entertainment company providing compact, open-air photo fun in professional, high-resolution for your next event. Our service includes:

  • Outgoing entertainers who create a fun, high-energy experience for your attendees

  • Custom graphics and text featuring your logo and theme on 4×6 prints

  • Props! There’s something for everyone to keep the silliness and smiles going!

After your guests suit up with silly props and make funny faces with all their friends, our booth prints a 4×6 print for them to keep and share-in less than a minute!

It’s the ultimate in engaging entertainment for your guests, and more exposure for your cause!

We host your photos at our Facebook page and our website, where you can easily find your favorite shots and share them with your networks. The rest is easy to figure: let the tagging and ‘Likes’ begin, and your logo reaches an exponential number of potential supporters. In this day and age, social networking is no longer the wave of the future, it’s a necessity! Nowadays, a business without a Facebook or LinkedIn profile might as well be a business without a phone line! But even when you’re not face-to-face with your audience, looks still matter! Posting happy photos of people enjoying your event will bring you confident, excited customers who want to find out all about you!

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