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"Why Photo Booth Rentals Are Surging In An Age Of Instagram" - David Hochman

David Hochman, writing for, explains the continuing rise in photo booth rentals, despite the concept's origins in the early 20th century. Why is it that, in an age where instant photo-sharing apps dominate, like Instagram, Snapchat or VSCO, that "from 2005 to 2012, more people searched online for photo booth rentals than for wedding DJs"?

According to Maxim Sverdlov of New Jersey's Classic Photo Booth LLC, "photo booths... are designed for people to get physically closer". They serve as an additional form of entertainment at every kind of event. Photo booths bring back memories for older generations, and are considered vintage by younger people. It is an opportunity for all guests and participants to be goofy, carefree, and live candidly in the moment. Not knowing when the flash will go off, according to Sverdlov, "gives people more of an authentic in-the-moment feel".

Pensacola Photo Booth takes the open-air approach, as opposed to more traditional enclosed booths, meaning more people can fit into the shot at once, and party guests can be entertained by your photo session. The booths are not fully automated; rather, a professional operator is sent to setup and run the event. We also have the upper hand over photo sharing apps, leaving guests with customized hard copies of their photos, something digital files can never replace (though we offer them as well through Smugmug).

Just as A DJ Connection provides the freshest music for your event, Pensacola Photo Booth is just as entertaining, helping you make memories and then preserve them. We are blessed to provide such a unique service on the Gulf Coast, and to go above and beyond to make your events unforgettable!

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