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Why Book a Photo Booth AND a Photographer?

Whether it's a wedding reception, a school dance or a birthday party, you may notice some events have both a designated photographer as well as an open-air photo booth. While both do similar jobs, they don't necessarily cancel each other out and can inf act complement each other. Here are a few reasons Pensacola Photo Booth and your favorite photographer can work so well together:

1. Photographers excel at candid photos; photo booths favor poses and props.

There is no better way to naturally capture memories of your event than to have a photographer catch you and your guests in the moment. Candid photographs convert action into still life, a snapshot of exactly how everything occurred. Photo booths, on the other hand, give enough time to make silly faces, move around in the shot, put on some costumes and have a few different takes. The photographs are high-quality, but people have a greater say in how they turn out.

2. Photographers edit their photos; photo booths produce instant prints.

When the event is over, the job isn't done for a photographer, who takes the raw images and tweaks them in Lightroom or Photoshop. This results in a high-quality final product for the client, and is worth every penny. Pensacola Photo Booth has the ability to print its photos immediately, with a custom graphic overlay. Not only can you get your photos online on Smugmug, but guests can have a souvenir within minutes. Some clients even use the immediate prints to fill a photo scrapbook to document all event attendees.

3. Photo booths also serve as a form of entertainment.

Not only is the open-air photo booth fun for those in front of the camera, but for those waiting their turn as well. Seeing family and friends not so camera-shy inspires the rest of the crowd to

fit in their own photo session. Photo booths are complimentary to the DJ, dance floor and any party games happening.

Check out Pensacola Photo Booth's favorite wedding vendors for photographers, cakes, caterers and more!

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