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Why You Should Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

A top reason to have a photo booth at your wedding is because it preserves memories and history. The photos you and your guests take will be a memento to such a special occasion that can be looked back at with joy and fond remembrance. Also, your guests are sure to appreciate having a keepsake to take home with them from your wedding. Pensacola Photobooth provides guests with a print at the event within a few seconds of taking the photos; we also provide you with a digital copy of all the photos taken!

pensacola photobooth wedding photo booth just married

A photo booth also provides great entertainment for your guests: adults and children alike! It's a great way to break the ice after the ceremony and have your guests feel more relaxed and at ease. Your guests will have a blast coming up with poses and using props as outrageously as possible in each photo. It's a great way to keep children occupied and happy without parents always having to entertain them.

photo booth pictures and props wedding photography

A photo booth provides a more casual photography experience where you and your guests can have fun and let the wedding photographer handle the professional photos. A photo booth captures people as they are and allows more personality to shine through in the photos.

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