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Steps for Autism Tomorrow!

Pensacola Photobooth is a longtime and proud supporter of Autism Pensacola. Tomorrow at the Steps for Autism event we will be showing our support through our two photo booths provided! Autism Pensacola is an amazing organization in our community that we proudly sponsor.

Autism Pensacola Pensacola Photobooth Photo Booth Steps for Autism 2018

Autism Pensacola is a magnificent resource to our local community. They have many goals as a non-profit organization that include: educating the general public about autism, serving as a support group and network for parents and professionals, and providing information to parents and professionals regarding the diagnosis, education and treatment of persons with autism. These compassionate and noble aims are of great importance to our community, and nation overall.

Pensacola Photobooth Photo Booth Sponsorship Sponsor

We are excited to continue our sponsorship of Autism Pensacola and show our continued support for all that they do in our community!

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