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Hospital Appreciation Week!

National Hospital Appreciation Week 2019 Pensacola FL Pensacola Photo Booth A DJ Connection

The National Hospital Appreciation Week for 2019 is this upcoming week, May 12 through May 18, and we will be celebrating it along with our community! We will be at multiple hospitals in our area this upcoming week with our booths for people to enjoy. We will be at West Florida Hospital on Monday, showing our appreciation and having some fun! We will be working with Baptist Health Care on Tuesday and Wednesday to show some appreciation for their employees and efforts! We will also be working with Sacred Heart on Thursday, wrapping up our Hospital appreciation week by celebrating 50 years of the Sacred Heart Children's Hospital! There is also once again going to be a Walmart campaign kickoff at Sacred Heart for further support of one of our local hospitals. We are looking forward to showing our appreciation for our local lifesavers!

Pensacola PhotoBooth Photo Booth 2019 National Hospital Appreciation Week

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